Roll Slitting

Lynvale have 2 automatic high precision roll slitting machines offering slit widths of material from 3mm up to 1,600mm in width. These machines offer tolerances as tight as +/- 0.5mm on the slit width and product can be supplied on either 3” or 1” cores with the cores being either cardboard or plastic. Typical examples of finished products would be 12mm x 3mm x 25M Rolls Black Single Sided Foam Tape, 6mm x 5M Very Clear Double Sided Tape on Plastic Cores, 25mm x 0.8mm x 50M White Single Sided Foam Tape.

Lynvale offer a service of slitting Customer own supplied Free Issue Material as well as making finished products.

Roll Slitter


Typical materials supplied in slit roll format include:
– Foam Tapes
– Rubber
– Gasket Material
– Fabric
– Paper
– Glass Fibre
– Polyethylene

Roll Slitting Service

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