Tape Slitting

Slit Rolls of Adhesive and Non-Adhesive Tape, Foam and Films

At Lynvale manufacturing slit rolls are in constant production, whether it is bespoke cut size for our customer base or in-house slitting of materials to process through our die cutting stations. Over the years we have invested heavily in the slit roll machinery so that now we have the capacity to meet even the most intensive of demands. The range of material we slit on a day to day basis is huge and far too many to mention, you would get bored just reading it !  Generally if it is on a roll , we can slit it !

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How We Make Them! 

As mentioned above , we have invested heavily in the best equipment and training for roll slitting. We operate 2 lathe slitters , one of which has dual bars to increase efficiency by cutting two rolls at once. The staff are highly trained and know exactly which type of blade to use for each material to achieve the same high quality standard we know you have come to expect from Lynvale. If you would like to see your rolls  being made , please get in touch and we can arrange a visit to our factory.

Double Sided Foam Slits
Adhesive Tape

Examples of our work

The rolls of tape we produce get sent worldwide to every conceivable market sector you can think of.  Whether it is a very high bonding tape used to secure glass into a window or a thermal break tape to on a steel joist in a high rise building  to a small roll of double sided foam that will make your Christmas card, we can confidently say that you will be pleased with the product we supply.

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