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Travelling Head Press Cutting

We can produce one component upwards and Lead Times are very short with Travelling Head Press Cut Components.

The cutting bed on our Travelling Head Press Cutting Machine is 500mm x 2M allowing us to produce individual cut parts up to this size.

Virtually any flexible material (typically Self Adhesive Foam, Non Adhesive Foam, Cork, Fabric, Plastic and Gasket Materials) up-to 50mm thick can be supplied as finished components.

Inexpensive Dies are used to cut shapes to Customer exact requirements with or without an adhesive backing. The Travelling Head Press Cutting Machine uses pressure to push the Die through the required material leaving a perfectly cut individual piece of finished material.

Die Cutting


A very typical example of what can be achieved on this machine would be to feed in a roll of 1M wide x 6mm thick x 10M Closed Cell Expanded Neoprene Foam with an Acrylic Adhesive on one face. A tool in the shape of a rectangle 300mm x 300mm with 4 holes, each 25mm in Diameter is used to cut through the material.

The end result is individual gaskets 300mm x 300mm with 4 perfectly located 25mm Diameter holes in 6mm thick Closed Cell Expanded Neoprene Foam ready for the Customer to apply.

Precision Cuts

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