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Flat Bed Die Cutting

Our top of the range Hawkes Die Cutting Press is extremely versatile and can produce gaskets and custom shapes up to 600mm square. This machine serves a very similar purpose to the Rotary Die Cutting Machines in that it is used to produce parts either individually or kiss cut on rolls i.e. Double Sided Foam Gaskets, Single Sided Foam Die Cut Shapes, Double Sided Tape Pads, Single Sided Tape Circles.

The primary difference between Rotary Die Cutting and Flat Bed Die Cutting is that the Flat Bed is not as fast as the Rotary Machines but the tools (steel rule in a wooden or plastic board rather than CNC Machined Solid Steel) are cheaper. This process lends itself to smaller production runs where it is not as easy to absorb the cost of a Rotary Die Cutting Tool.

Flat Bed Die Cutting is very suitable for medium volume production.

Flat Bed Die Cutting


Different materials can be combined (or laminated) on a Flat Bed Die Cutting press to achieve a different material as a finished component. For example, we may take a 12mm thick Blue Non Adhesive Foam and Apply a Double Sided Foam Tape to one side before we Die Cut the Parts into Circles 75mm. The result would be a 75mm Diameter Single Sided Foam Tape Disc 75mm in Diameter x 12mm thick with a self adhesive backing on one side supplied on rolls either with or without the waste stripped away. Another example would be where we have taken a Double Sided Tape with High Tack Adhesive on both sides and Laminated a Low Tack (or Peelable) Adhesive to one side before cutting into Double Sided Pads. The result is a Double Sided Pad with a Permanent Adhesive on one face and a Removable Adhesive on the other face. This product would be typically used to mount posters onto Glass where the Permanent Adhesive has to stay on the poster and the Peelable Adhesive can be removed from the Glass without leaving a residue or mark.

Die Cut Examples